Weight Loss Calculator – BMI, & Calorie Calculator


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    Weight Loss Calculator is complete weight loss tracker with Calorie Calculator, BMI Calculator, BMR Calculator and Body Fat Calculator integrated in it. It tells how much weight loss is required to attain ideal weight.

    If you are too much conscious about healthy weight then this Weight Loss Calculator app is for you. Keep an eye on your activities and calculate calories, find BMI (Body Mass Index) and never forget to calculate BMR. Fat is the major factor that can detrack you from the way to ideal weight but you can stay on track by calculating body fat percentage. This app is not less than any army body fat calculator because it shows most accurate results among all other weight loss apps.

    Having this weight loss tracker app installed in your cell phone, you won’t have to worry much about calories because this app will track calories for you and you will stay fit and healthy. Calories Burned Calculator is important whether you want to gain or lose weight. With just simple inputs you can check all the factors that can determine how much on track you are.

    Main Features of Weight Loss Calculator App are:
     The only Weight Loss Tracker with all modules
     Integrated with Best Calories Calculator
     BMI Calculator – Height for Weight with Age
     Calculate BMR easily and accurately
     Body Fat Percentage Calculator to Stay Fit and Healthy
     The Simplest UI unlike other Weight Loss Apps
     Best and Accurate Results comparable with Army Body Fat Calculator

    Let’s discuss in brief detail the integrated modules in this Weight Loss Calculator App:

    BMI Calculator
    Body Mass Index Calculator tells you about the idea weight according to your height and age. It reveals whether you fall in slim, smart or fat category. To stay fit you must find BMI regularly. Don’t need to worry about how to calculate BMI nor you need to calculate BMI formula because this app will do this for you.

    Calorie Calculator
    Track calories using the integrated Calorie counter in this Weight Loss Tacker app. Check how much calories you have burned and earned during the day. Set and achieve your calorie goals.

    BMR Calculator
    Calculate BMR with BMR tracker that comes with this Weight Loss app. Here you will get the best figures and accurate results which other apps often fail to produce.

    Body Fat Calculator
    Body fat percentage is key factor that you must track if you have aimed to reduce weight. Body fat percentage is also important figure for the heart patients as higher percentage can be alarming for them. So keep tracking Body Fat percentage using this app.

    There are lot more to explore so DOWNLOAD this app and stay fit and healthy.



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