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  • Texas Diabetes & Endocrinology, PA

    209 reviews

    “I felt really good after leaving my appointment with her, as I do when I leave my appointments with Dr. Blevins.” See all Texas Diabetes & Endocrinology, PA reviews

  • Total Men’s Primary Care – Arbor Trails

    52 reviews

    “I went to Total Men’s Primary Care to receive a rapid COVID test.” See all Total Men’s Primary Care – Arbor Trails reviews

  • Premier Family Physicians – Westlake

    46 reviews

    “He couldn’t see me tell the afternoon, but the schedule coordinator informed that Ellyn Scholz, who is, I hope I get this right a FNP working with Dr. Razor.” See all Premier Family Physicians – Westlake reviews

  • Blue Tree Health

    32 reviews

    “I walked in with a tinkering on my left hand and Dr. Griffin did above and beyond to alleviate my discomfort/pain.” See all Blue Tree Health reviews

  • Steven M. Fass, MD, FACS

    17 reviews

    “Dr. Fass was incredibly patient, answered all my questions thoroughly and was in general a very kind person.” See all Steven M. Fass, MD, FACS reviews

  • Gym Studios

    17 reviews

    “We believe being healthy should be fun and fulfilling, and the professionals at FXFit make working out a pleasure.” See all Gym Studios reviews

  • Total Men’s Primary Care – Downtown

    16 reviews

    “Came here to get tested for COVID since they’re the only place I know of that is testing people without symptoms!” See all Total Men’s Primary Care – Downtown reviews

  • Total Men’s Primary Care – Tech Ridge

    15 reviews

    “I work in a medical office and have continued going to work throughout COVID.” See all Total Men’s Primary Care – Tech Ridge reviews

  • Total Men’s Primary Care – Domain

    14 reviews

    “I was unsure about how my first visit would be, however after a great one I immediately booked an appointment for a COVId test.” See all Total Men’s Primary Care – Domain reviews

  • Austin Weight Loss & Wellness Clinic

    12 reviews

    “The RN I met with reviewed my medical history carefully and took into account the medication I am currently on to make sure I was prescribed the right kind of appetite suppressant.” See all Austin Weight Loss & Wellness Clinic reviews

  • Complete Nutrition

    12 reviews

    “Josh was knowledgeable, friendly & I felt valued as a customer.” See all Complete Nutrition reviews

  • BodySpec

    11 reviews

    “I have been a customer for over 4 years and had 4 scans in both CA and TX and they are always comfortable and informative.” See all BodySpec reviews

  • Ruthie Harper, MD

    9 reviews

    “I saw Doreen regularly for Illuminating peels before my wedding and highly recommend her and the peels for that beautiful GLOW.” See all Ruthie Harper, MD reviews

  • Mor’s Nutrition & More

    7 reviews

    “Chen guides me on nutrition tailored specifically for my needs providing numerous recipes that are easy to make.” See all Mor’s Nutrition & More reviews

  • MSW Lounge

    7 reviews

    See all MSW Lounge reviews

  • Southwest Bariatric Surgeons

    7 reviews

    “Since then, he has also removed my gallbladder in 2008 and now we are moving forward with a revision surgery to the gastric sleeve.” See all Southwest Bariatric Surgeons reviews

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