“Corona Food Habits” Visual Project


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    How the Covid lockdowns impacted our food habits? Designers Brini Fetz and Lisa Langmantel tried to answer this question through a series of eight still-life images.

    One year after the beginning of the first lockdown, the designers took a closer look at last year’s meal plans. “For our work as designers in the area of food it is crucial to constantly follow up on social and cultural trends. When social media literally got flooded by sourdough and banana bread recipes, we were wondering how the circumstances of the lockdown has changed our food preferences and eating habits.

    Through their research, also based on a Danish food report and a survey on their Instagram channels, the two designers were able to observe a number of phenomena. They narrowed the findings down to 8 main topics, which were visualized in a series of eight images, captured by Austrian-based photographer Angela Lamprecht.

    1. Sourdough

    2. HomeCooking

    Cooking has become one of the most common pastimes. We used the new found spare time to try more complicated recipes and culinary experiments – Instagram was conquered in no time with images of sourdoughs, homemade bread and pizzas. Inevitably, home cooking increased substantially over the lockdown periods. According to a survey carried out by the designers on their Instagram accounts, Italian pasta dishes were voted as the favorite go-to meal during the lockdown.

    3. Go-to dish: pasta

    Others have spent the extra time training, pursuing self-care through a balanced diet, or introducing new healthy habits into their daily life. In search of high quality foods and to help local producers, awareness for fresh and regional products has increased. But for many of us, preparing several meals a day was also a challenge. Often breakfast or lunch have been replaced with unhealthy snacks.

    4. Healthy food habits

    5. Buy local

    6. Snacking

    The Covid pandemic has also led to a considerable increase in takeaway food and delivery. One of the biggest impacts of the lockdown was the impossibility of social life, only possible through a screen. Virtual drinking was one of the most emblematic new habits brought by the lockdown.

    7. Take Out         

    Brini Fetz e Lisa Langmantel used monochrome colors and repetition in the styling of the images to reflect the repetitive routines and the monotony of the days during the lockdown.


    8. Zoom Drinking



    Photography by Angela Lamprecht

    Concept & styling by Brini Fetz (hej studio) and Lisa Langmantel (Studio Lisa Langmantel)






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