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  • Learn How Miraculously Drop 33 Lbs In Just 3 Weeks With A Simple Metabolism ReWiring Trick
  • Discover The Fat Loss Accelerators Workout Plans To Get Rid Of Your Ugly Belly Fat
  • Know The Delicious Easy-To-Make Smoothies For Weight Loss And Incredible Health
  • A guide to losing weight and keeping it off without resorting to gimmicks or expensive programs
  • 7-week weight loss program that boosts fat burning and resulting your desired weight
  • Learn How A Skinny Computer Geek Packed On Over 300 Pounds Of Muscle In 3 Months
  • What Can A Former 308-Pound 'Couch Potato' Teach You About Losing Weight
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    “I have a degree in Exercise Science and a degree in Nutrition. I took a class in college specifically for weight loss and the NASM WLS course was very accurate to what I learned in school. I would recommend this to anyone!”
    – Mhegan J, IL

    “I took the WLS certification to increase revenue in my practice. With this on-hand I feel extremely confident that we will run a successful medical weight loss program accompanied with a WLS coach to help throughout the journey.”
    – Paola N, TN

    “I enjoyed the course and feel confident I am prepared to begin working more effectively with weight loss clients. The course materials are well designed and comprehensive.”
    – Ric H, CA

    “I learned a lot during this course. Don’t hesitate if you want to deep your knowledge.”
    – Aurélia G, France

    “This is a great course to further develop your personal training skills. I would highly recommend the course.”
    – Patrick S, GA

    “The WLS course is definitely an educational resource for those who would love to specialize in how to help potential clientele battle against obesity and create a culture of optimal eating and exercise habits.”
    – Chaney B, AL

    “I was blown away about the information given throughout the course and would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to learn more in depth about weight loss.”
    – Ismael D, WA

    “I found the course extremely user friendly as well as informative! The material was well presented and easy to follow. The videos and support materials were very helpful! This course was eye opening and serves to enhance my knowledge even further!”
    – Anthony B, NJ

    “I would recommend this course for anyone in the profession and anyone who is just interested in gaining more knowledge! It’s great to work at your own pace and the amount of extra information and bank of resources they provide is amazing!”
    – Kelsey D, NC

    “The course was very thorough and provided multiple forms of learning material to use. I feel I learned a lot of good information.”
    – Amy D, OR

    “A great online course that gives you all the information you need about weight loss making you a better personal trainer and a weight loss specialist!”
    – Nick A, Athens

    “I would recommend this course for anyone in the profession and anyone who is just interested in gaining more knowledge! It’s great to work at your own pace and the amount of extra information and bank of resources they provide is amazing!”
    – Kelsey D, NC

    “What is the #1 reason initiating someone to join a gym? You got it! To look and feel absolutely fantastic and for many this starts with weight loss. I can’t wait to apply all I have learned in WLS to make a huge impact and difference in my community!”
    – Alexandra A, MT

    “This course not only helped me to learn more about implementing new approaches with weight loss clients, but also helped me to implement changes in my own lifestyle. Amazing certification for anyone looking to broaden their education.”
    – Courtney H, NV

    “The course was very detailed and has lots information to based my workout routine off and will use the information that i learn to help other achieve there goal in the fitness world.”
    – Roberto P, NY

    “The WLS course was very well thought out and presented in a very systematic and thorough way. I feel more confident in my ability as a NASM CPT to serve my clients. “
    – April B, FL

    “NASM WLS was an Amazing course chopped full of information on helping clients successfully lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.”
    – Jennifer C, NJ

    “I’ve been a trainer specializing in weight loss and quick, efficient workouts for busy people who want to be healthier since 2006. The Weight Loss Specialization course simplified the information I like to pass along to help people reach their goals. The programming part of the course showed many modifications (which I love and use often for my clients). The bonus materials provided helped me streamline my 12 week signature plan and gave me a few new ideas to help people with shorter term (less than 6 months) goals. Overall, I recommend NASM for all certifications and the Weight Loss Specialist course is fantastic for any trainer who wants to help people lose weight and/or find ways to make consistently great choices for a healthier body and improved life.”
    – Sabrina P, WA

    “This was fantastic, and the extra resources, exercise library etc, are really great resources. Many thanks. I’m excited to incorporate this in my PT practice.”
    – Jennifer D, NY

    “This course was very helpful in improving my overall knowledge as a personal trainer. Every client will hit a plateau or need to start somewhere, this aided my abilities to help clients be successful in any part of their fitness journey.”
    – Leah G, IA

    “This was super stress free, the information provided through your time of learning is easy to retain and allows you to keep learning throughout your journey with NASM!”
    – Liz N, UT

    “The Weight Loss Specialist course was extremely thorough. The layout and delivery of the material was easy enough for the average individual with no health and/or fitness background to understand. I really appreciate the various approaches to deal with clients who have comorbidities as the suggestions are very gentle and non-threatening. I feel much better equipped to deal with that population of individuals as my niche was typically middle-aged women and the youth. I highly recommend this course!”
    – Dee-Dee D, FL

    “Excellent Course! I learned a lot about how to design workout routines as well as modify exercises to accommodate for clients focusing on extreme weight loss. This course has given me a new understanding of working with weight loss clients and I can be a better trainer for these clients now. I’m excited to implement what I’ve learned from this course in my training sessions.”
    – Shelby L, CO

    “The NASM Weight Management Specialist program was excellent! I enjoyed the online process very much because I was able to progress at my own pace in my own time in a methodical way.”
    – Tony L, PA

    “Very good! Short and fact based!”
    – Kenneth Q, NC

    “I just finished the NASM-WLS course, and as a result I feel much more confident and comfortable consulting and assessing the general population as a whole. As a new trainer the knowledge I attained in this course is priceless. Thanks NASM!”
    – Amber D, CA

    “Straight to the point and very informational. I loved the instructional video and additional links. I thought it was very helpful.”
    – Lexis L, NV

    “I began the NASM WLS program already having good knowledge on how to work with clients with weight loss goals. However, because the information in the course was presented so clearly, I was able to increase my knowledge and confidence in helping my clients. Great course, I would recommend to anybody who wants to improve their ability to reach clients with weight loss goals!”
    – Dean M, TX

    “This course is fast paced and learn at your own pace and a very great easy helpful course.”
    – Nancy G, AL

    “This is a great step to learn about weight loss and helping clients to push for a healthier lifestyle.”
    – Tyler R, IA

    “A very enjoyable NASM specialization ,WLS gives you, all the fundamentals, you need to learn and know, when you have a client,that, desires to lose weight, learn to respect his body and daily nutrition habits!! This course, is easy to understand the OPT model standards and affordable in practice for the CPT!! You can put in real terms, theory into practice, and have valuable results!!”
    – Demis L, Greece

    “The WLS course was very interesting and eye opening to the subject. The modules where split very well into sections. The narrated presentations were also very helpful for studying.”
    – Kiernan A

    “I enjoyed the course and found it very helpful in increasing my confidence in working with people with more extreme weight loss goals. I would recommend it if you are looking for effective, evidence based strategies for achieving and maintaining weight loss.”
    – Sophie B, UK

    “The WLS course was incredibly engaging. I actually couldn’t put it down. There’s a lot of specific content not covered in the CPT textbooks such as routine programming, nutrition calculations, and all the possible scenarios for obstacles are covered. It is thorough in regards to the general public and fat loss strategies. It could be a bit more sport specific at times, but then the facts remain the same- it’s energy in vs. energy out.
    – Tom, CT

    “This course was extremely helpful to me and my business. It reminded me of the simple things we may forgot as trainers and proper protocol!”
    – Ashley W, TX

    “Great information and tools to help me personally and to help me assist potential clients.”
    – W.H., VA

    “The NASM Weight Loss Specialist program was exactly what I needed to become a better educated and more well-rounded personal trainer. Now I feel more knowledgeable and confident in my abilities to help a client experience success on their personal weight loss journey.”
    – Kent F, TX

    “I really loved this course and I highly recommend it for others.”
    – K West, IL

    “The course was very challenging but highly satisfying. I’m implementing the material learnt for myself while taking the course and have seen significant changes and results in my food choices and weight loss !”
    – Carlos A, IL

    “Excellent course. You’ll gain something from this whether you’re new to the personal training realm or are taking this as a refresher. Great work again, NASM!”
    – Tom D, OH




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