8 Polite Habits That Fast Food Employees Secretly Dislike


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    Waiting at the Register for Condiments

    If you’re at a fast food spot that has packets of ketchup or hot sauce, ask for them up front instead of standing near the register once you’ve already received your order. This keeps the line moving for everyone else and the employee behind the register won’t have to leave his or her station.

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    Paying With TONS of Change

    You might think you’re doing the cashier a favor, but you probably aren’t. Paying in change can leave your register worker fumbling to count or give you change back, holding up the line. If you absolutely must, make it as easy as possible (using only quarters, for example) and not an assortment of change.

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    Checking Your Drive-Thru Order

    Don’t check your order at the window! Pull into a nearby parking spot to make sure you have everything you need. If something ends up being wrong with your food, however, it’s always okay to speak up.

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