Tenuate Diet Pills Review (UPDATED 2021) – Does it Work?


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    What is Tenuate?

    Tenuate is a weight loss pill designed to complement a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise. Tenuate claims to be able to curb your appetite while providing you with extra energy. Generically, Tenuate is known as Diethylpropion, a sympathomimetic compound that effects your body’s central nervous system in a manner similar to amphetamine. There are a few facts that help to distinguish Tenuate from other over the counter weight loss pills; for instance, Tenuate is actually regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, and even requires a doctor’s prescription to obtain.

    Facts such as those help lend Tenuate a bit of integrity, but does the drug work as safely and effectively as other diet pills? Let’s take a look at some of Tenuate’s closer details and see if we can find out.

    Who makes it?

    Until their patent ran out, Tenuate was produced by a company named Aventis Pharmaceuticals. Generic versions of Tenuate are now manufactured by CorePharma LLC, Avanthi Inc. and Watson Laboratories. Unfortunately, there is no official Tenuate website, so any information about the drug must be found on medical databases and review sites, some of which offer conflicting and possibly confusing information.

    How (and) does it work?

    There are two options available to users of Tenuate: they can either consume three short-acting tablets an hour before each meal, or take one controlled-release tablet in the morning for effects all throughout the day. Tenuate is intended to work as an appetite suppressant, helping you to feel full before meals so that you eat less. Simultaneously, Tenuate provides extra energy by boosting your heart rate, which may help users exercise more to lose weight in an even healthier way.

    There are plenty of positive testimonials regarding Tenuate online. Many patients who have been prescribed Tenuate for obesity claim that the drug was able to help them stop over eating, exercise more and even lose a substantial amount of weight in relatively short amounts of time. However, users also reported that the effects of the medication do gradually decrease over the period of use, which should generally be no longer than a short-term period consisting of just a few weeks.

    However, negative testimonials are available online as well, provided by people who have failed to see any significance changes in their body weight and feel uncomfortable with Tenuate’s long list of unsettling side effects.

    What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

    Tenuate’s three and once-a-day options consist of 25 mg and 75 of Diethylpropion HCI, respectively.

    Tenuate also contains a few ingredients that are non-medicinal, such as tartaric acid, magnesium stearate, lactose and talc.

    Tenuate may also contain additional non-active ingredients, but this information is unfortunately not disclosed.

    If you are most interested in finding a diet pill that is derived from natural ingredients, please read the top 10 list.

    While many weight loss drugs cause irregular bowl movements and restlessness — side effects that are more uncomfortable than legitimately dangerous — the side effects of Tenuate actually sound like they might be worth worrying about. These include such unsettling side effects as depression and anxiety, as well as blurred vision and impaired cognitive skills, both of which could be prove dangerous in situations as common as driving a car.

    There are actually quite a few additional side effects that you may want to keep in mind before giving Tenuate a try. Many of these affect the body, as users have been known to report uneven heartbeats, shortness of breath, numbing of the body and even seizures. However, as aforementioned, Tenuate also effects the mind as well; in addition to impairing your thinking abilities, Tenuate is also capable of causing hallucinations and unusual thoughts or behaviors.

    If all this weren’t bad enough, users of Tenuate may also expect to encounter some of the more uncomfortable side effects typical of other weight loss pills, such as upsetting bowel movements, gas and nausea.

    What’s good about it?

    Tenuate is FDA and doctor-approved.

    What’s bad about it?

    Tenuate can only be obtained with a doctor’s prescription, so it may be the right choice for those who are medically obese. However, other people just looking for a method to lose weight fast may want to consider more convenient and readily available options.

    As mentioned previously, users of Tenuate run the risk of experiencing a plethora of uncomfortable, unsettling and even dangerous side effects, both physical, and even more disturbingly, mental as well.

    Tenuate is also relatively expensive, costing $120 for just 30 tablets. You can find something better on the market for the same amount of money.

    Wrap Up

    Approved by both doctors and the Food and Drug Administration alike, Tenuate comes with a bit more credibility than its over-the-counter competitors. Testimonials available online seem to imply that Tenuate users have received mixed results when taking Tenuate. While obese consumers did report losing a significant amount of weight, unsatisfied users warn others to stay away from Tenuate due to its long list of intimidating side effects.

    User testimonials available online seem to describe mixed results: many have good things to say about the drug, although they admit to seeing a gradual decrease in results over the short-term course of using the drug. Others dismiss the drug entirely, claiming that any effects it may have are not worth the risky side effects.

    Bottom Line

    With the Food and Drug Administration’s seal of approval and the drug’s ability to affect your central nervous system to decrease your appetite and increase your energy, Tenuate doesn’t seem like a bad option to consider when looking for a weight loss pill. While obese users have claimed that Tenuate has helped them to lose a significant amount of weight when paired with diet and exercise, others claim the pill to be ineffective and not worth the large number of dangerous side effects that users run the risk of encountering. People who are not medically obese may not be able to even obtain Tenuate from their doctors, making it far from the most convenient choice for a weight loss method on the market.

    We strongly recommend looking into other diet pills that may be more effective and better for you.

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