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    Welcome to the Weight Loss community.  Be sure to look around by clicking on the tabs at the top of the page to see Reviews, Pictures, Doctor Q&A, Videos, Forums, Guides, and Cost data.  There is a wealth of information available, so don’t get overwhelmed!  You can create notebooks to save anything you’d like to keep track of, just click on the Save icon at the top of the…

    • most recent by thibos, 11 months ago
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    • most recent by johnmartin1458, 3 months ago

    HelloI am 6 foot and last December I weighed 14 stone. I have almost lost two stone and find myself at a plateau. I do not use the gym and exercise mainly through long walks and cycling. I eat roughly 1400 calories per day.Any advice on further weight loss? When I look at myself I think I need to lose another two…but also feel as though I look the same as before.Photo attached…reluctantly…

    • most recent by Thrifty323733, 3 months ago

    Hi everyone, My name is Hannah, I work a sedentary job from 8-4 5 days a week and I am new here in hopes someone can help me out. It’s been a long emotional journey and honestly now I feel like it’s worse. I’ve been on my weight loss journey for two years, I feel as though I have plateaued or I am doing something wrong and I thought I can ask you for some help. I am 23 years old, 5ft2 and…

    • most recent by Hannah411, 4 months ago

    Hi everyone,We must eat to survive. But over time, we’ve found pleasure in our food choices. Eating during times of stress can help ease emotions. But the binge-guilt-binge cycle that can follow gets in the way of our efforts to eat healthy. Here are some tips and tricks to help you stop “eating your feelings.” Some people eat less when they’re under stress. Others need the distrac…

    • most recent by Sable Delight, 6 months ago

    Currently I do 25 minutes of cardio on an exercise bike Mon-Fri and. Mon, Weds, and Fri I also do resistance band workouts for my upper body to tone. Tues, Thurs, and Sat I do resistance band workouts for my lower body. I also work 45 hours a week. So my question is am I doing too much or not enough for Weight loss/toning because I’ve heard too much isn’t beneficial.

    • most recent by creed34, 7 months ago

    You know what makes sticking to your diet real easy? When you plan what you’re going to eat in advance and, if possible, have it ready for you. For example, I know I’ll be eating egg whites as part of my breakfast every single morning. By knowing this I can figure out how often I need to buy eggs so they’re always in the house. I never wake up wondering what I’m going to eat or if I’m going to…

    • most recent by derrickhulsey, 7 months ago

    So Im trying to lose weight and I feel like Ive had a decent amount of success when eating around 1500 calories but I feel weak all the time so I wanted to try to add a bit more calories to try to see if it would make me less weak. So the latest week Ive been eating around 1800-2000 while jogging 5 miles 5 times that week and walking for about 5 miles the days I wasnt jogging and so far Ive…

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    • most recent by CindyatRealSelf, 7 months ago

    I’m 18 years Old boy and I loose weight from 99 kg to 68 kg right now in just 3 months,can you give me some advice and healthy tips thank you and God bless!

    • most recent by mrcoconutt2020, 7 months ago

    I was on here back in like 2012 maybe, when I weighed 320lbs. I lost a lot of weight thanks to people helping me, and I got into the military and got down to like 230lbs. After leaving the Army my life has spiraled and now I am 412lbs. I find myself not even able to keep up with my 4 year old child during playtime and its majorly depressing me to the point of not even caring anymore. Two days…

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    • most recent by Funny176374, 7 months ago

    Since quarantine I have gained 10 lbs. I am 5’3” 154 lbs, want to be 130, what would my meals look like for this to work?

    • most recent by aressue, 8 months ago

    Would like to lose weight big time. what Surgery Recommends I have HMO blue cross I’m male Hispanic 6’0 34 years old and weight 355

    • most recent by Benluna8, 1 year ago

    Samuel 38 years. I lost 39 KG. this loose skin can bit recover or no

    • most recent by chinweogu, 1 year ago

    From the time I started working out till now.I would weigh myself weekly and see consistent results.(2-5lbs) Now I’m still overweight and haven’t lost anything for a month..I’ve doubled my workout times, without change? Even added new exercises like running and using different machines.

    • most recent by 11asnyde, 1 year ago

    Cleveland Clinic recommendations whey protein without added BCAAs for weight loss. They say powders with added BCAAs make you gain weight.

    • most recent by djgoebelt, 1 year ago

     I’m not on a calendar and I feel like possibly I ought to be. I work out at whatever point I wake up then I shower and make something to eat and it’s as a rule around the evening when I have my first supper. Or then again I’d make a smoothie bowl or protein shake.

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    • most recent by Sayanghosh, 1 year ago

    First off, I have PCOS; that being said, its hard to loose weight. I have researched for about a year now, ways to loose weight and to eliminate Pcos. Apparently, symptoms can decrease but the condition never goes away. But then ive read that the HCG diet works for weight loss and for pcos. Does anyone else have pcos and has lost weight ? Anyone ever used HCG diet method?? Anyone in south…

    • most recent by Annachris, 2 years ago

    5’11 and 165lbs. I work out 5 days a week for 3 hours. I spend at least 1 hour on the elliptical. I do compound strength training, i.e. burpees, squats, lunges, push ups. I also do Barre 2x weekly, Leslie Mills body pump 1x weekly and 6 additional high impact group exercise classes a week. I do a 3 minute plank every morning when I wake up. Yes, I’m doing it right. I eat 4 tbl…

    • most recent by Annachris, 2 years ago

    I am 39 years old, weighing 231lbs and starting a 100lb weightloss journey. Extremely worried about the excess skin.

    • most recent by EraseRewind, 2 years ago
    • most recent by ChristineAnna, 2 years ago



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