Plant based diet after diabetes diagnosis


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    Animal products also increase the risk of getting Type 2 diabetes:

    Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes​

    Diabetes prevalence in the United States is lower among vegetarians than nonvegetarians.12–15 In two large Adventist cohort studies (n = 25,698 and n = 60,903), the prevalence of diagnosed diabetes was 1.6–2.0 times higher among nonvegetarians than among vegetarians or vegans.12,15Part of the difference is attributable to higher body weight among nonvegetarians, but much of the difference persists after adjustment for body weight.

    A 2009 study14 found that, among a range of diets from vegan to nonvegetarian, as consumption of animal products increased, so did diabetes prevalence, ranging from 2.9% in vegans to 7.8% among individuals with unlimited consumption of animal products.

    Data from the Harvard Women’s Health Study, the Nurses’ Health Study, the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study, and other trials were part of a systematic review15 of 12 cohort studies that found that men and women who ate the most meat had the highest risk of type 2 diabetes. Intake levels of red meat, processed meat, and fish were all associated with risk of type 2 diabetes.13–18 These studies suggest that the total amount of meat consumed may be more important than the type of meat.




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