14-day Paleo Meal Plan | Paleo Leap


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    Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snack Breakfast Casserole with Sausages (makes 2 days of breakfast; save the leftovers for tomorrow) Portable salad: grab a can of tuna and an avocado with some salad greens, oil, and vinegar, and mix it all up. Butterflied roasted chicken with wild mushroom soup. (Make stock with the chicken bones) Piece of fruit Leftover breakfast casserole Salad with leftover roast chicken, dried cranberries, pecans, apple slices, and vinaigrette. Ham and Pineapple Skewers with oven-roasted tomatoes (makes 2 servings; save leftovers for snacks) Carrot sticks with mustard and/or mayo Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon Leftover roast chicken (cold or hot) inside lettuce wraps with mustard, mayonnaise, or your favorite other condiments Greek-style meatballs (makes 2 days; save leftovers for lunch tomorrow) with roasted cauliflower Leftover ham and pineapple skewers (they’re great cold!) Ham and Butternut Squash Hash (cut recipe in half) Leftover Greek-style meatballs on top of a big leafy salad with almond slivers and balsamic vinaigrette. Chicken Pad Sew Ew (makes 2 days; save leftovers for lunch tomorrow) Banana with almond butter Egg and Vegetable Muffins (makes 2 days; save leftovers for tomorrow) Leftover chicken Pad Sew Ew Beef Cubes with Roasted Carrots and Mushrooms (makes 2 days; save leftovers for lunch tomorrow) Handful of nuts or trail mix Leftover egg and vegetable muffins Leftover beef cubes with carrots and mushrooms (add more vegetables on the side if you like) Garlic Roasted Cod (make ½ recipe) with green beans. Handful of olives Onions, mushrooms, and spinach fried up with bacon or sausages. Salad with canned salmon, mustard vinaigrette, Maple Braised Chuck Roast (makes 2 servings; save leftovers for lunch tomorrow) with roasted zucchini Piece of fruit



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