Best Diet Pills for Women: Top 10 List (Jul. 2019)


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    Without question, one of the most common goal in fitness, especially for female gym-goers, is fat loss – and that’s exactly where the best diet pills for women come in!

    Unfortunately, there are hundreds of products on the market, all claiming that they’re the best weight loss pills for women – so how do you know which ones are legitimate, and which ones are fake?

    That’s what we’re here to show you today!

    We have carefully picked out the most efficient and affordable diet pills for women that provide proven, reliable, and strong results when it comes to losing unnecessary weight and fat!

    The health and safety of our readers is one of our top priorities, and that’s exactly why we make sure only to include products in our list that are manufactured by trusted and reliable companies
    who know what they’re doing.

    Incidentally, if you’re a man who’s wandered into the women’s section by mistake – please refer to our 10 Best Diet Pills for Losing Weight article instead – where you’ll find products that are more suitable for you.

    That’s because men’s and women’s physiology and body structure is a little bit different, and for best effectiveness, women should use weight loss supplements and diet pills that are more suitable for their bodies.

    But before we get on with our list, there are a couple of things you should know:

    How We Rate the Weight Loss Pills for Women

    We pick and rate these weight loss pills for women by considering their efficiency and efficacy, and by making sure that the ingredients are safe and of high quality.

    We also take the price of the product into account and ensure that the manufacturer knows what it’s doing and has a good reputation for being reliable and trustworthy.

    That’s why over the counter diet pills for women tend to be sub-par when compared to those that are produced by respected and world-class companies who have invested many years into research and proper production techniques!

    We also take into account various reviews by both industry critics and regular users who buy and use these products – and make sure that they are all overwhelmingly positive!

    And finally, we heavily lean on our own experience with various sports nutrition supplements and diet pills for women.

    For more information, refer to our infographic:

    Now let’s get on with the list!

    Our Top 10 Best Diet Pills for Women:

    1. Phen24

    Phen24 is an excellent hunger suppressant supplement and diet pill for women that also aids in increasing women’s metabolism, energy levels, and reduces food cravings in the evening.

    This weight loss pill has no stimulants, and it’s designed specifically for women.

    While men can also benefit from it – they won’t get the full effects because this product was made specifically with the physiology and body composition of women in mind!

    The thing that makes this wonderful product unique is the fact that it targets weight loss both during day and night.

    To increase your metabolism, you pop one pill during the day. That will provide you with an increase in energy and make you expend more calories during your day.

    At night, however, you don’t need the extra energy, but increasing metabolism while you sleep while reducing any hunger pangs before bedtime is going to give you massive benefits.

    You’ll be able to burn more calories while you sleep!

    But where this formula truly shines is that all of those extra calories that you burn while you rest won’t interfere with your sleep! That’s because the formula contains no stimulants and other irritants which could cause any problems during the night.

    Here are the ingredients:

    As you can see – one serving is for daytime, and it contains caffeine, and the other serving is for nighttime when you shouldn’t take any stimulants.

    The ingredient profile is versatile and awesome because it targets everything that your body needs in order to increase its metabolism, suppress appetite and burn calories faster!

    The Pros:

    • Trusted and Respected Manufacturer
    • Safe, reliable, and high-quality Ingredients
    • Targets fat burning at night
    • Very effective!
    • Great ingredient profile!
    • Made in proper manufacturing labs
    • Affordable
    • Has multiple clinical trial references regarding their product efficacy

    With so many pros, it’s a wonderful supplement by a company that knows what they’re doing.

    The Cons:

    • Contains a proprietary blend

    While the supplement can work for men, it’s mostly only for women.

    It also contains a proprietary blend, which normally we’d frown upon – but since this manufacturer called WOLFSON BERG LIMITED is in business for over 30 years and has hundreds of thousands of happy customers – they know what to do.

    We take out some points due to the proprietary blend, because even though it’s safe in this case – it’s still inherently anti-consumer.

    That’s because it’s always good to know the exact quantities of anything that you’re going to put in your body – and the best diet pills for women should by no means be an exception!

    In any case, this hunger suppressing diet pill is incredibly effective at what it does – and it also comes at a very affordable price!

    We can safely recommend it to all women who want to curb their hunger, increase the rate of their metabolism both during the day and night – and burn fat at an accelerated rate!

    2. Phen375

    Phen375 is made for both women and men and is considered to be one of the most effective weight loss pills on the planet.

    That said, in our other top 10 list which includes weight loss products for men, we rate this product higher than the Phen24 which sits at #1 in this list.

    That’s because this product works better for men. When it comes to women, Phen24 is slightly better than Phen375!

    But don’t worry – it’s still a wonderful supplement, and you should definitely consider it if you want to suppress appetite and lose weight fast.

    It’s among the very best for a reason, and that’s because it helps reduce food cravings significantly, all while increasing metabolism. This allows your body to burn much more fat during the day and helps you to avoid unnecessary snacking!

    To date, it has over 200,000 happy customers who leave overwhelmingly positive reviews.

    The ingredients are great and effective:

    However, there’s one noteworthy thing: there are two different versions of this product – one for EU and the other for USA.

    The differences are simple – the USA version contains two extra ingredients called Forskolin and Synephrine, while the EU version doesn’t.

    As a result, the US version is more effective and provides significantly better results – so make sure to get that one if you can!

    In any case, every ingredient that this supplement contains is incredibly effective at promoting weight loss. They include appetite suppressants, metabolism boosters, fat-burning and fat-storing regulators, and energy boosters!

    As you can see, the list is comprehensive and impressive!

    The Pros:

    • Trusted and Respected Manufacturer
    • Affordable
    • Reliable product
    • Amazing ingredient profile
    • Highest quality manufacturing and ingredient standards
    • Thousands of positive reviews by customers
    • Incredibly effective and quick results
    • Multiple clinical trial references proving efficacy of the supplement

    The advantages of these diet pills for women are massive, and the price is pretty difficult to beat!

    The Cons:

    • Contains a Proprietary Blend

    Unfortunately, they also contain a proprietary blend – just like our number one spot.

    But that’s not a problem since it’s the same deal as with the other product – the manufacturer has years of experience and has a great reputation.

    Also, prior to 2013, all of the ingredient quantities of Phen375 were made public, and since then the product hasn’t changed all that much – so we know for a fact that it’s safe and effective.

    These are diet pills that work fast for women – and that’s why they’re among the best supplements that you can get on the market today.

    There are to this date over two hundred thousand happy customers who have bought and tested these diet pills for themselves, and the vast majority of the reviews are positive.

    There are, of course, stronger diet pills for women, like the ones at our number one spot – but none are as reliable and fast-acting as these weight loss pills!

    #3. PhenQ

    PhenQ is another great weight loss pills product which is suitable for both women and men.

    It contains pharmaceutical grade ingredients that don’t just help with appetite suppression, making you consume fewer calories – but also improve the burning of fat that your body already stores!

    It helps your body utilize that extra fat for energy – helping you feel refreshed throughout the day.

    And not only that, it even helps block the production of further fat by your body, to some extent, making it easier to stay thin.

    The manufacturer of this supplement is the same as Phen24’s, but this product focuses on slightly different things and is not as gender specific.

    The Full Ingredient List:

    This time there’s no proprietary blend – and that’s always a great thing!

    We love it when a product is fully transparent and doesn’t hide the quantities of its ingredients behind an obscure label.

    The Pros:

    • Over 190,000 happy customers
    • Great Fat Loss and Hunger Suppressing Ingredient Profile
    • Trusted and Respected Manufacturer
    • Multiple references to clinical trials of the product
    • Reliable and Safe
    • Contains a unique, clinically tested ingredient α-Lacys Reset®

    The thing that sets this product apart from others is the fact that it contains a unique ingredient – one that’s not usually present in most other weight loss pills for women.

    That ingredient is α-LACYS RESET, and it’s a patented combination of alpha lipoic acid, cysteine, and magnesium.

    It has shown remarkable results in several clinical studies and trials against a placebo, where it helped lose a significant percentage of body fat by subjects who consumed it instead of a fake pill.

    The Cons:

    • Expensive
    • Not all ingredients are natural

    The price may be an issue to some because it costs more than similar weight management products. However, we think the extra price is totally worth it because of the unique and very useful ingredient α-LACYS RESET, which happens to be expensive.

    Also, not every ingredient in this supplement comes from natural herbal sources, like in most other such products. However, they’re all proven to be safe and effective at what they do.

    Some people may not like consuming synthetic ingredients, and that’s perfectly understandable due to various allergy and ingredient sensitivity concerns.

    As of this moment, it’s one of the most efficient and reliable appetite suppressants and diet pills in the world, for both women and men.

    A significant number of research studies back the ingredients, and a large part of more than 190,000 customers have left positive reviews after using it.

    The product delivers on what it promises – and there’s no doubt about that!

    4. Zotrim

    Zotrim is an herbal weight loss pill made solely for women who want to manage their weight, suppress hunger and curb various snack cravings.

    Ten expert-approved papers and five clinical studies back the efficacy of this natural weight management product and all of its ingredients.

    And the best part about it is that it works even without exercise or a specific diet plan! In placebo trials, people who didn’t exercise but still took this supplement lost more weight and fat than those who took a fake pill!

    Let’s see the ingredients:

    There’s a semi-proprietary blend as this supplement shows certain quantities but specifies others as a percentage of the total weight.

    However, since the total weight is only 403mg, there are no dangerously high doses of any of the ingredients and the supplement is completely safe to use!

    The Pros:

    • Changes bad eating habits
    • Great at curbing hunger!
    • Backed by clinical trials and studies
    • Reliable Manufacturer in business since 2006
    • Unique ingredient blend
    • Large number of positive critic and user reviews
    • Works even without exercise or a special diet plan
    • Very affordable!

    This supplement has a vast list of pros, and it’s also incredibly affordable when you compare it to similar products.

    That said, it has one fatal flaw.

    The Cons:

    • Not as strong as the competition

    The biggest downside of this product is that it’s not as strong as most of the other ones on this list. Additionally, it’s absolutely not for athletes and bodybuilders, as they can get more use out of other products like fat burners.

    While it is undoubtedly effective, the efficacy is still lacking when you compare Zotrim to products like Phen24 and other similar weight loss supplements and pills.

    So why is it in our list? Because it’s still one of the most effective appetite suppressants for women – especially those who don’t want to or can’t exercise a lot.

    For casual gym-goers, this product is an amazing choice!

    If, however, you’re a serious athlete who exercises many times per week – it’s not the best pick, as fat burners and stronger supplements would be better.

    The value for money is very difficult to beat, and these pills to lose weight are perfectly safe to use!

    They’re not really a workout supplement and more of a strong appetite suppressant that also has other benefits.

    So buy Zotrim if your goal is to change your bad eating habits or if you want to avoid hunger pangs while dieting.

    5. FORSKOLIN 250

    Forskolin 250 is a pure and simple weight loss supplement that contains only one single ingredient.

    The main active ingredient has numerous research studies and trials that back its efficacy, and it helps lose weight in a safe and natural way.

    The manufacturer of this supplement is one of the most reliable and respected companies in the weight loss industry.

    Forskolin 250 increases metabolism, helps break down existing body stores of fat, suppresses hunger and appetite, which all leads to a leaner physique.

    The Ingredient Label is short:


    Forskolin 250 20% contains 250mg of Forskolin extracted from the root of the Coleus Forskohlii plant – nothing else.

    This ingredient works – and it’s the reason why most diet pills and hunger suppressant products, as well as many different fat burners, include it!

    It works by curbing a person’s hunger and decreasing appetite – making them eat less during the day. It also increases metabolism and targets existing fat stores for use as energy, which leads to less fat and more lean muscle.

    It helps men lose abdominal fat and still retain their body weight.

    It helps women get a toned and fit physique.

    The Pros:

    • Top quality ingredients and manufacturing labs
    • Backed by many different studies
    • Trusted and Respected Manufacturer
    • Completely safe and easy to use for healthy adults at proper dosages
    • Simple, effective, and reliable product
    • Fast Results!

    The pros speak for themselves! The ingredient works, and there’s not much to say about it.

    That said, this product has a couple of flaws.

    The Cons:

    • Not as strong as products that have more than one ingredient
    • Expensive
    • Narrow Ingredient and Effect Focus

    Narrow ingredient and effect focus means that the product limits itself with only a single active ingredient.

    That’s why, even though it’s great and provides solid results, it’s not going to be as strong as other products that choose to contain more than one ingredient and thus get more benefits and faster results.

    It’s also quite expensive, but only because making a pure and refined product from an extract costs a lot.

    This supplement is very reliable and simply works! It’s ideal for purists who don’t want to mix various ingredients and only like to rely on one thing that works best.

    Its simplicity makes it one of the best weight loss pills for women, and it’s completely safe and reliable to use, especially for people who want to avoid allergies and keep their product pure.

    However, we can’t deny the fact that other products are going to be stronger, simply because they contain more active ingredients that provide a wider range of benefits.

    6. NLA for Her: Her Garcinia

    NLA for Her: Her Garcinia is another efficient weight loss pills for women product that narrows down its focus and only uses very few main active components.

    This time, the ingredients are called Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean Extract.

    Garcinia Cambogia contains hydroxycitric acid, also known as HCA, and its effects on weight loss are widely known!

    The manufacturer of this dietary supplement is NLA for Her, which focuses on making reliable and effective sports nutrition products for women!

    The ingredient list is short and sweet:

    Both Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean extract have been shown in test studies to increase a person’s metabolism, curb their hunger and regulate appetite – making people consume fewer calories throughout their day as a result.

    The ingredients also target existing fat stores and help move it towards the production of energy by the body.

    The Pros:

    • Simple and Effective
    • Backed by clinical trials and various studies
    • Completely safe and reliable product
    • Very Affordable!
    • Trusted and Reputable Manufacturer

    The selling point of this supplement is its low price when you compare it to similar products.

    Additionally, the efficacy of this product is unquestionable, because it contains only two products and they are backed by numerous studies and clinical trials.

    That said, there are some downsides – which is why it’s so far down the list.

    The Cons:

    • Not as strong as the competition
    • Not for men
    • Narrow Ingredient and Effect Focus

    The product is as simple as it comes, but it provides real and reliable results that come at a great price.

    That said, serious bodybuilders and athletes are going to be disappointed since the scope of this product is severely limited by the fact that it only chooses to focus on two ingredients.

    Once again, this is for people who like to rely on fewer ingredients and get good results – but not as powerful as it would be possible with another supplement that has a broader ingredient composition!

    7. NLA for Her: Her Appetite Control Chew

    NLA for Her – Her Appetite Control is a performance enhancing chew supplement that provides advanced appetite suppressing and supporting ingredients.

    According to the manufacturer, all that it takes is one chew per day – and it will help promote a normal appetite and hinder hunger pangs and various food cravings.

    Apart from that, this diet chew is made by a very respected sports nutrition supplement manufacturer that targets a women-only audience for their products. Just like the one above it at #6.

    Here’s the nutrition label:

    Sadly, there’s a small proprietary blend present in this product, but due to the fact that the overall quantity is just 405mg, it’s pretty safe to assume that there won’t be any ingredients in doses that could pose a potential health risk.

    The Pros:

    • Incredibly convenient
    • Natural sweeteners
    • Affordable
    • Only 20 calories
    • Effective appetite control
    • Incredibly tasty!
    • Reliable and reputable manufacturer of women’s supplements.
    • Sugar and Gluten Free

    We aren’t exaggerating – this product’s taste is simply incredible! It tastes exactly like real brownies, and has no chemical aftertaste.

    However, its biggest draw and advantage is total convenience.

    You just take one chew, unwrap it, and pop it into your mouth – and you’re good to go! You won’t need to have anything else with you, such as additional water.

    They also contain zero artificial sweeteners and various other harmful substances – and the price is terrific as well!

    That said, there are downsides.

    The Cons:

    • Not as effective as the competition
    • High chance of allergies due to many different ingredients
    • Designed only for women

    Its biggest problem is strength. While it does provide a decent effect, there are much stronger products on the market.

    Without a doubt, whatsoever, this is probably the most convenient product to date, and that absolute convenience makes it unique and useful!

    But while being unique is great – it’s not necessarily the best possible choice for a weight loss pill because it’s not the most effective and cost-efficient.

    It’s definitely not the best weight loss supplement for women, but it’s pretty good if you want to consume something hassle-free!

    8. Alli

    Alli is a very different diet pill – and it’s the sole FDA approved non-prescription weight loss drug.

    According to the designer of the product, it aids people in losing more weight than with just dieting alone, by acting as a fat digestion inhibitor which prevents your body from absorbing a portion of fat from food and flush it out of the body instead.

    The Ingredients:

    The main active ingredient is Orlistat.

    11 weight loss studies which include Orlistat have shown that people who take it lose on average more than 6 pounds (2.72 kg) more fat than those who take a placebo.

    The Pros:

    • Unique product
    • Prevents digestion of around 20-30% fat from food
    • Effective and reliable
    • The only FDA-approved weight loss pill
    • Trusted and Respected Manufacturer

    The Cons:

    • Not for bodybuilders and athletes
    • Narrow effect and ingredient focus
    • Very Expensive
    • High chance of several side effects
    • Many counterindications with other drugs

    These over the counter diet pills are for people who want to lose weight without having to exercise all that much.

    However, their flaw is that there’s a higher chance of side effects because of the ingredients.

    Also, they’re absolutely not for bodybuilders and athletes who rely on full digestion of their food for nutrients.

    It’s also not a very affordable product.

    9. AtraFen PM

    AtraFen PM is another unique product that we feature.

    It is a unique product because it’s the only one on this list that actually promotes sleep by including the ingredient Melatonin.

    Melatonin is a sleep hormone that your pineal gland produces, and it regulates sleep patterns and wakefulness.

    According to the makers of this product, it helps by regulating blood sugar and cortisol levels, boosts your metabolism and also provides deep and restful sleep with 24-hour fat burning.

    The Ingredients:

    It’s one big proprietary blend – and we don’t like them.

    It’s also very obvious from this product that some ingredients are going to be under-dosed and less effective because the total weight is just 640mg, and it contains both Garcinia Cambogia and GABA, both of which require large doses to be effective.

    The Pros:

    • Unique ingredient profile
    • Affordable
    • Includes Melatonin for better sleep and wakefulness
    • Reliable Manufacturer

    The Cons:

    • Some under-dosed ingredients due to low overall content
    • Proprietary Blend!
    • Can cause drowsiness
    • Not as strong as other products on the list

    It’s perfect for people who have problems with getting a proper and restful full night’s sleep!

    Apart from that, there are much better and stronger products that you can choose from.

    10. Genius Burn

    Genius Burn is a diet pill for women and men which works by enhancing cognitive ability and the thermogenic effect of the body, raising your alertness, increasing your focus, and boosting metabolism.

    It’s different from most weight losing formulas since it focuses more on improving your mood and making you focus on your exercise, while improving your metabolism to burn extra fat.

    The Ingredients:

    Unfortunately, while the ingredient profile is great – it’s not that powerful.

    This product is pretty good at what it does, but some of the quantities of ingredients that it has is quite low, which means that it’s not going to be as effective as similar supplements that focus on fat loss and weight management.

    That’s the reason why it’s mostly good for those who want to increase their focus, improve cognitive ability.

    It’s great for beginners and those who don’t want an overwhelmingly strong supplement.

    The Pros:

    • Improves metabolism
    • Focuses on improving mood, cognitive ability, and mental focus.
    • Great ingredient profile
    • Trusted and Reliable Manufacturer

    The Cons:

    • Does not suppress appetite
    • Some under-dosed ingredients
    • Expensive
    • Not as strong as the competition

    It’s a pretty good product for beginners and women who want to increase their focus while training and also improve mood.

    The metabolism boost is solid, but not as great as you’d get from competing products.

    It’s also good for people who don’t exercise all that much, as its effect will work either similarly with or without physical exertion.

    Quick Note: A Miracle Weight-Loss Pill Doesn’t Exist

    As always, we urge our readers not to forget the fact that the vast majority of supplements require a proper diet plan and exercise routine to be effective!

    If you pop a weight loss pill and think that you can eat pizzas and cakes all day long without having to train and worry about gaining weight – you’re going to be wrong!

    The most important thing in weight loss is the following principle:

    You have to consume fewer calories than you expend throughout the day – only then will you lose weight!

    That’s why it’s imperative not to overeat and to implement some form of exercise that will burn any extra calories that you may get from food!

    To help you with your fat loss goals, we urge you to read this article about .

    It will tell you everything you need to know about losing weight in a fast, natural and healthy way!

    And if you want to learn which foods are best at helping you get a lean and mean physique – go and read about 17 Powerful Fat Burning Foods That Will Improve Your Body and see if you can incorporate them into your diet!

    We promise you that if you make an appropriate exercise plan and stick to it, all while eating healthy and balanced food at proper quantities – you WILL lose a lot of unnecessary fat with the help of the best diet pills for women.

    However, if you have problems with overeating or snack too much – check out . These products that suppress our appetite can help you avoid unnecessary snacks and binge eating while you’re dieting.


    As you can see, the diet pills in our list are one of the best weight loss supplements for women, if you consider the fact that some of them don’t need to be accompanied by too much physical exercise.

    If, however, you’re more interested in products for people who regularly exercise and go to the gym – you should look into fat burners instead!

    We’ve got you covered in this case as well, and you can go to 10 Best Fat Burners for Women and read all about them.

    And for men, there’s a corresponding article at Top 10 Best Fat Burner Supplements for Men.
    For someone who trains regularly or intensively, these may be a better choice since they’re mostly geared towards bodybuilders and athletes, where most of the best diet pills for women and men aren’t.

    So the choice is ultimately up to each and every consumer; whether they prefer weight loss pills because they want to passively lose more weight, or fat burner supplements because they want to boost their workouts and get shredded!




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